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​Online Architectural and Planning Services 

London Luxury Developments is Britain's leading online architectural and planning service, fusing cutting edge technology and human expertise to produce cost-effective planning services, architectural design and building control details for homeowners considering a loft conversion, extensions, new builds or a basement conversion. We are working with homeowners, contractors, small and large developers and estate agents, providing transparent fixed fee from the beginning. Our prices are  80% reduced in comparison to the traditional architectural highstreet firms. 


Our drawings produced in 96 hours or less. We will submit the drawings to your local council acting as your agent for a hassle-free process. 

With our headquarters in London, we can coordinate projects all over the UK using the power of online tools and technology. Making design meetings, through zoom calls where we can share our screen with you and prepare the desired layout in accordance with your specific needs. For a more traditional approach, we can visit your property and discuss all the details with you in person. 

International clients are also welcome to liaise with us for a full design and management experience. 

Our price range from £280 to £1,800, depending on your choice of services required. For larger schemes, we can provide a detailed competitive quote. 

How it works

Our Qualified Professionals will take care of everything, including planning permission, party wall awards, structural design and construction, eliminating the bottlenecks in designers collaboration. 

We provide online consultation for the initial design using screen share to achieve the desired layout with you. Using online resources and cutting edge technology, we will prepare a planning package that is significantly reduced in cost when comparing with the highstreet architectural fees. Once the planning drawings are ready, we will be sent to for approval and submit them to your local council acting as your agent. Once planning approved we will prepare the building regulation package and the structural package with all the detailed requires o assist he builders on site. Rest assured that we will assist you in achieving the desired layout and a slender cost-effective structure, answering all your questions along the way. We will then provide you with project management options and proposed trusted builders for your consideration assist you in obtaining tender package from at least three contractors. 

​Three packages to choose from

Concept Package

For clients that would like to understand the potential of their property and change the internal layout to go along with their lifestyle. A simple process and a cost-effective design package that can illustrate the potential of your property what we call a proof of concept for the desired outcome to budget a project prior to planning.  We will liaise with you over the phone for an initial consultation and understand your needs and resources available for the project. Assuming that you have floor plans of the property or you can follow our simple instruction to provide necessary measurements, we will prepare the floor plan and share it with you in a PDF format. — Cost: all of the above for just £280 +Vat.

Planning Package

You can immediately instruct us to proceed with the planning package without having to pay for a concept design. Once we obtain the floor plans and scale of your house, we will liaise with you over the phone to understand your proposal. We will then arrange a screen share meeting to finalise the desired layout where you will be interacting with one of our designers till you are satisfied with the outcome. By the end of the session, we will have the 2D floor plans that will be the basis of preparing the planning package. We will then submit the planning documents to you local council acting as your agents. — Cost:  £720 +Vat.

Planning and Measured Survey

The planning and measured survey service are for those who don't have the existing floor plans and desire a measured survey. We will follow the exact same process as the planning package except for this time the designer will agree on the desired layout on-site with you. The cost of planning and measured survey starts from £950 +Vat

Building Regulations Architectural package

When the planning stage in competes, the next step is to obtain building regulation approval in relation to sound insulation, fire regulations and insulation. There are numerous advantages in this approach: Building regulation drawings and specifications are used to secure approval from building control which will then assist the builder on site. The tender package makes it easier for the builders to provide an accurate quote.  We are industry leaders with a passion for what we do. We pride ourselves in being innovative yet functional, providing buildable solutions saving construction cost without compromising the quality of your build — The building regulation architectural package starts from £ 950 +Vat.

Building Regulations Structural

We created a universal fee quote for all your structural needs, from designing foundations, steel beams, lintel, padstones, timber and concrete elements, roof design and flooring and NHBC calculations and Thames Water details. For a loft conversion, side extension or a rear extension including one internal wall removal our universal fee for structural calculations drawings and specifications is £1,200 +Vat. No extra cost will be charged as we cover all the queries from building control and the builder. 

Would you like to include more knock throughs and maybe to remove a chimney breast? We have a simple fee structure for all your needs. We charge £180 +Vat for every other opening or chimney breast removal. 


Most of the architects will outsource the structural calculations to an external engineer that might create a bottleneck in the designer's collaboration. Our in house team of engineers have you covered. Superior integration of structural & architectural design – Producing holistic & intelligent solutions from concept to completion. Improved design coordination avoiding costly mistakes. Having a single point of contact for the two key consultants & construction, we are able to minimise admin fees, overheads, and responsibility gaps.

All architectural and structural design work will be carried out in 3D, seamlessly integrated between the two and fully coordinated in an in-house BIM collaboration workflow.
Our construction team is working alongside the design team in a 3D environment using Google cupboards. All our construction sites are project managed by qualified engineers and architects. Weekly and monthly progress reports are prepared for each client. 

Our journey

As developers ourselves, we had difficulties obtaining cost-effective schematics and detailed drawings for our development. The simple solution was to create our own team that would not delay the planning process and building regulation drawings. Most importantly, we create the process to avoid the bottlenecks between the collaboration of different consultants and the builders.  We can now provide the same services that we have for a fraction of the cost when compared to other design practices.  Using cutting edge technology and online data, EstatVille has created a more efficient and cost-effective way to design and build your extensions and conversions. We have more than 900 projects completed in residential extensions, and we would be thrilled to work with you to assist you in achieving your dream home. 

Do I need planning permission? Hone Architect. How much does an extension cost? How long does it take to design and build an extension? How much a loft conversion cost? 

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