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LABC Guide to Renovating Your Home for the London Borough of

Hammersmith and Fulham and  Newham

Ritzi was invited to promote its services as one of the key structural engineering firms to act as a point of contact for all enquiries for the residential and private sectors getting involved in planned and permitted development projects & building work projects.

What people say

Capital Ltd

Jaimy Carter

Arnaud B.

Capital Ltd

Posted: 9 Aug at 20:32


Very friendly and efficient!


Thank you for the quick and reliable turnaround of the drawings.  

Same wise you are a saviour, I just transferred the payment and attached the letter signed. Thank you again for your help.

Sam Malhotra

Thank you as well to the engineer for his site visit. That was very straightforward, calm and professional and I appreciated all of that. 

Sam Martin

 Nick is the Director over at Ritzi and his support and service was excellent, I recommend him for your Peckham project.


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