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1 to 7 years

Guaranteed Rent Scheme

For landlords looking for a fixed rental income, paid every month without the stresses involved in letting out a house, a flat or an HMO, then you have come to the right place.

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Guaranteed Rent Scheme


What is included in the scheme:

  • A guaranteed annual rental income paid on time, every month

  • Flexible Leasing for 1-7 Years

  • No commission
  • No monthly commissions or hidden extras fees

  • Even if the property is empty you still get paid 

  • Automated rent payments monthly in arrears

  • 24 Hour Dedicated Maintenance and Emergency Team

  • Periodic Inspections

Why us

Why London Luxury Development's Property Guaranteed Rent Scheme?

  • Established since 2012

  • A dedicated team of Property Experts to deal with all aspects of regulations, insurance policies, maintenance and lettings

  • Trusted contractors carry out the repairs to maintain the property in high standards.

  • 'Out of Hours' Repairs and Management Team available seven days a week, 365 days a year

  • No hidden costs

  • We are landlords ourselves and understand your struggles of dealing with unpaid rents and property maintenance.

  • Experts in obtaining all necessary certifications and consents from local authorities to keep the property and the tenants safe

  • Free advice in further developing your property  

Our process

How does the Guarantee Rent Scheme work?

London Luxury Developments Ltd effectively becomes your tenant, guaranteeing you a fixed yearly rental income paid every month. We then sub-let the property, taking great care selecting the right tenants and manage the property throughout the full duration of the tenancy, including maintenance and periodic inspections.

We'll take care of everything, including paying all utilities and council tax as well as dealing with tenants enquiries. We will save you valuable time so you can carry on with your busy life while still receiving a fixed and secured monthly income. At the end of the guarantee scheme period, we will deliver the property back to you with full ownership in its original condition.

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